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The most valuable asset that your business owns is your pool of existing clients. The easiest sale is always made to a prospect that has dealt with you before and has fewer hoops to go through in their evaluation of your products or services, than a cold prospect. This is the X factor in selling. A HUGE part of sales success depends upon an emotional interaction between the prospect and the product. An existing customer has already ticked many of the emotional boxes required to complete a transaction. To a lesser, but important, degree any previous contact with a new prospect delivers sales value to your business.

A very common mistake that business owners make is to win the sale and then forget about the customer.

EDGE can provide the systems and methodologies required to follow up, and build trust, loyalty and sales. This extends to every piece of the puzzle including copywriting although there will always be an element of human interaction at the business end.

Customer Relations Management (CRM)

We highly recommend the adoption of a suitable Customer Relations Management system to maintain your database of clients and prospects. Within this system we can semi-automate regular paper mailings and fax. All mobile and email information would be stored here as well, although we would interact with outside services to execute effective campaigns.

  1. Email- Auto-responder campaigns written and managed
  2. Mobile- SMS campaigns and mobile WEB pages created and managed.

Once a successful and smooth running system is created, this can continue to be managed by EDGE or handed over to your business and controlled by you.