Web Branding – How Important?


Branding is essential to ensure you create the right perception for your clients as well as your prospects. Providing a strong message across all your online profiles, websites and blogs is crucial to effectively projecting an expert image. In a matter of seconds, you can lose a customer – simply from sporadic online branding by the opposition. How can you make sure you have consistent online branding online? It requires a sound strategy, along with strong resolve,to remain on track with all aspects of your online presence.

Listed here are some methods you may employ to maintain a consistent online brand. A brand which will keep clients coming in and coming back…over and over again:


Branding Using a Blog

It’s easy to produce a personal blog; however for a company blog you will need a more professional approach. In order to present a potent online impact, it’s crucial keep the blog design, copy and overall experience consistent with your other online profiles, all of which reach your audience in the right way

Methods to achieve this include utilizing a theme with colours, and elements of design, uniform across all of your blogs, websites and Social Media presence.

Branding Using a Facebook Page

Now, it may seem that the Facebook page isn’t a location to help keep a regular design or look, but you’d be wrong. Again, to keep your visitorsuniformly impressed, your business page needs the same powerful elements as your blog along and all other platforms that serve as a portal for your business.

Branding Using Twitter

Are you aware that you can include a custom background for your Twitter profile?This can be a key impact point for your audience, and again, consistent with your Brand. As before, make use of the same colours, elements and produce the same high quality experience that your visitors have now come to expect. Don’t disappoint them! Incidentally, you may also have the same look and feel for your YouTube channel.

Logo design

Your logo design isn’t only for letterhead or business cards, it is also a vital element for your online branding. Everywhere your organization is seen, you need to incorporate a memorable logo design. Some places to consider this include:

  • Your primary site
  • Emails sent to your subscribers
  • All social networking profiles
  • Any personal reviews

A few of the other steps you can take include:

  • Make use of applications that integrate your site, and employ email opt-in boxes on your landing page.

  • Make the effort to produce a welcome page designed with the colours and elements congruent with your message; although your landing page will be more commanding and may include a call to action.
  • Syndicate content from your blog along with important posts from your primary website

Web brand is a critical a part of your company image. You’ve got a blog and a variety of other web properties, so please be consistent on eachplatform. Always communicate a strong, appealing message for your clients and prospects –and keep everything consistent for optimal branding!

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