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Creating Videos - Helping You With SEO

Creating videos is a great way to push your content in an innovative and engaging format, promote yourself or your company as an industry authority, help with your SEO and link building, build your brand reputation, increase online presence and more. In essence, video marketing has the potential to do it all!

People like Videos:

Videos are great marketing tools for a lot of reasons. First and foremost, people like to watch videos. It’s more entertaining than static text. Videos move and have sound. In short, they have more personality than an article. This makes a video more dynamic and engaging.

Concise Information:

Videos are also really useful because they can be concise, while still packing a lot of information. Most people don’t want to watch anything over two minutes. A video gives you the chance to really delve into a topic and explain it in full without padding it with fluff. You’d be amazed at how much information you can share in a few minutes when you really focus on one thing.

Use Juicy Cuts:

Because videos …

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Video Marketing on YouTube

A Starter Guide to Video Marketing on YouTube

The rapid growth of YouTube has changed the way marketing is done on the web – made video marketing easy. As the largest video sharing site, it is the number one site for publishing videos on the web. Because of this, the shift from conventional online marketing methods to video marketing has many businesses looking at YouTube to market their products and services.

According to a comScore data, there were 12 billion views on YouTube for November alone, a 137% increase from last year. Emarketer surveys revealed that viewers watch videos on YouTube about 5-6 hours per day on average. This staggering growth has made YouTube a very powerful social media platform and a valuable marketing asset for marketers selling online.

Like many other forms of marketing, video marketing hast to be presented in a way that grabs people’s attention. It has to have the perfect mix of …

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