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Content is King as far as SEO is concerned. At EDGE we pride ourselves on our ability to create vibrant copy whist paying close attention to the all-important issue of Keyword density. One could say that the Keyword is King, but all good keyword strategy can achieve is in getting eyes on your page. If the visitor isn’t engaged and stimulated by your content they simply leave your site never to return.

So, then we come to the CRUCIAL  area of success on line: Getting more paying customers and KEEPING them sufficiently engaged to keep them coming back.  Sounds simple enough if you just do the math. Ramp up the numbers and you must find enough customers-NO?


  • The numbers are important but what about the cost of achieving those numbers?
  • What about customer retention?
  • What about Branding?
  • What about online reputation?
  • What about long term effects of the marketing?

And so on….

There is no simple answer to all of these areas of your efforts to be seen as a high value, high integrity company and be, at the same time, a commercially viable business. Much of the early work you do on building your reputation and brand will form a foundation for years of successful trading; you must  have the right marketing discipline to MAINTAIN your presence month in and month out. It’s also very important to capitalize on success with your customers by way of testimonials (Social Proof), and intensify your growing fan base. And so on…..Got the idea?


  1. It’s not simple
  2. It’s not cheap.
  3. It’s a long term commitment.


  1. It’s highly effective.
  2. Your WEB Presence will create a positive advantage over your competitors.
  3. The ROI can be carefully and successfully managed so you can see a tangible positive result.
  4. The effects over time will snowball and exponentially become less expensive per customer.
  5. You WILL grow.