Best Practices in Creating Your Facebook Business Page


Is Facebook Business Page Really Important?

The most successful Facebook business page employs certain practices that make them more engaging to their target markets, and therefore more effective in helping companies attain their objectives. While there exist no set rules that you must apply in order for your Facebook page to work for you, there are certain rules of thumb and best practices you can apply to enjoy the advantages of social network marketing.

Facebook Business Page Best Practices

Facebook Business Page

1. Post every day. This may seem needlessly excessive, but as people gain more friends your posts may get pushed to the bottom. Some studies show posting between 3 to 5 times a day can be good amount for Pages. You can vary the frequency of your posts and observe resulting statistics to see what works best for your community.

2. Make engagement your priority. Don’t try to sell anything outright. Your primary objective will be to deepen your relationship with other members of your community. You can do this by constantly interacting — post messages, share resources, ask questions, answer questions, comment on what others post.

3. Have a clear call to action. Ask people to click the Like button, comment on your latest post, watch your video or go to your website. If you can lead people through some kind of mini process funnel, you’ll be able to elicit the action or behavior you desire.

4. Don’t oversell; but don’t undersell either. A never-ending sales pitch may turn people off, but it should be okay to promote your wares from time to time. The 80-20 rule for sales messages vs. content/connection posts should be a good guideline to follow.

5. Make it fun. The “social” in “social network” means it’s a community where people interact with each other. Or even if they don’t, then it should be a fun place even if they’re all by their lonesome.

Companies with successful Facebook business page – such as Sierra Trading Post, Success Magazine and Zappos — have applied these practices and gotten sterling results.


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