Facebook Holiday Marketing Tips for Your Small Business


“Maybe you haven’t started your holiday shopping, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get started on your company’s holiday marketing! In 2012, holiday sales in the United States increased 3.5% to $579.5 billion, a number which will undoubtedly continue to grow this year. In light of these facts (and perhaps my personal love for all things Christmas), we’ve put together a complete, 4 part Holiday Marketing Blog Series. This is our first installment, and we’ll be discussing how to use Facebook to optimize the Holiday Season for your small business. In the upcoming weeks, you can expect further awesome seasonal social media tips on Twitter, Pinterest and ideas for festive blog content. So let’s dive right in and discuss Holiday Marketing Tips for your company’s Facebook Page!

Tip 1 – Add Some Holiday Cheer To Your Cover Photo

Update your current Facebook Page cover photo to reflect the holiday season. This is a simple, easy and fun way to connect with your audience by reminding them something you share in common- celebrating the holidays. Showcasing what you have in common with your audience is a great way for your brand to humanize it’s image and strengthened your relationship with your current and future clients.

This seasonal Facebook cover photo from Cystic Fibrosis Canada is the perfect example of a well executed holiday cover photo. Make sure to include your company’s logo and any other holiday promotional information you wish to include in the image. Your cover photo is prime online real estate- so optimize this space by combining holiday visuals with brand relevant text for the perfect holiday cover photo.

Tip 2 – Get In The Status Spirit 

It’s no secret asking questions and specific calls to action are proven tactics to increase Facebook engagement. Studies show the particular action words “Post, Comment, Take, Submit, Like and Tell Us” increase Facebook status engagement, so combine one of these popular words or phrases with a relevant holiday topic, and you’ve got yourself an awesome seasonal status!  For example:

What’s your favorite Holiday song?”

“Last minute Holiday shopping… guilty or not?”

“Click LIKE if you’re excited for Christmas caroling.”

These are certain to add some cheer AND engagement to your page. Give them a spin and let us know what you think!

Tip 3 – Deck The Facebook Walls  

In case you didn’t know, Facebook recently lifted the requirement of using a third-party app when running a Facebook contest. So, now you can directly (and easily) post fun company contests, sweepstakes and giveaways directly to your Facebook wall.  Take advantage of this by creating a holiday campaign or promotion for your audience during this time. The holidays are the perfect time to launch a lighthearted, seasonal campaign to reward and connect with your current and future Facebook fans. If you aren’t sure what kind of Facebook contest is right for your small business, or simply just need a little inspiration, check out our article “Which Type Of Facebook Contest is the Best Fit for Your Business“, where we discuss photo contests, sweepstakes and how to quiz your audience.

Tip 4 – Employee Holiday Highlights 

Highlighting your employees is a good move on any network, but this works especially well on Facebook, and especially well during the holidays. People enjoy doing interacting and doing business with brands they feel like know or relate with – putting a face, or faces to your brand is a great way to do that. Considering doing a daily employee highlight during the upcoming holiday season, where they can share what they love about the holidays and your company. This is also a great way to increase your company’s online audience!  Chances are the highlighted employee with proudly share the post with their friends and family…” read more


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