Facebook Marketing - Why Be Bothered?


Facebook Marketing is A Viral Marketing Strategy

As the world’s most powerful social network with 800 million registered users and increasing daily and the second most visited site (second only to Google), Facebook is more than just a social networking where internet marketers can implement the what is called Facebook Marketing. It has become the heart of most social media marketing campaigns both for large and small companies. This social media machine is a powerful platform and tool where businesses can reach their target market, sell products and services, and make profit.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing – What does make it so important for your business?

Let’s just say you’re selling skateboards, so naturally your customers would be skateboarding enthusiasts. You have two ways to reach them: You can physically go to the locations where these enthusiasts hang out and try to sell them your product, or you can find where these people hang out on Facebook and advertise your product to them. One would take lots of logistics; the other is just clicks away.

A Unique Selling Opportunity

Facebook offers a unique marketing opportunity for business to reach their target audience through Facebook Business Page. As more people are exploring social media, they are most likely to use Facebook because of its fan base. They are logging into Facebook to connect with friends and find information, and that is a chance to capitalize on those activities to start promoting your products with their intended audience.

A Viral Effect

With the right message, your Facebook campaigns can have viral effects.  Your advertisements can spread through the web exponentially. People start talking about your product, sharing information about your business, and can potentially create a tipping point. And as a business owner, wouldn’t you love that to happen?

In this social media marketing era, Facebook has indeed revolutionized the way we do marketing, affecting every aspect of how we market and sell our products online. What onced used to be a simple networking site to connect with old buddies from high school has become a marketing tool that your business may live without. Why don’t you try Facebook marketing today?

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