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Buying Traffic through auction is how PPC works. You actually bid on a keyword or keyword phrase which attracts good search volume. The more competitive keywords, that is the most obvious and highly searched terms, are the most expensive . If you were to be in the Insurance industry and wanted to gain traffic for your Life products you could bid on “Life Insurance” as a key phrase. The cost of such a highly competitive phrase could run as high as £30+ PER CLICK! So you can see that the resulting sales would have to offer a very high profit indeed to justify their use in a campaign.

However, if properly managed, PPC can be a successful method to attract visitors to your site FAST! A very common mistake those who are are new to Google make, is to try and compete at the top end of their general market with the most obvious keywords as in the example above. Even if you can afford it, doesn’t necessarily produce the result that you may imagine, and certainly would be a nail-biting ROI.



By carrying out exhaustive research we can find keywords with lower competition, targeting more defined areas of you market. By carefully selecting the right keywords then running test campaigns where we would split-test different ads, we can arrive at the most effective result, both in cost and exposure.

ADWORDS is both an art and a science.It is an interesting and exciting challenge to come up with the right formula for each client. EDGE has invested a lot of time and money in training and real life testing to become expert at creating and monitoring ADWORDS campaigns. It is also our philosophy to continue to invest in education to stay abreast of the rapidly evolving Google and Facebook advertising environments.