SEO Marketing – Key To Long Term Traffic


What is SEO Marketing?

If you’re just starting out with Internet marketing and creating businesses online, you may have been told that SEO marketing simply takes too long to bring results. Many marketing consultants in the Internet marketing world recommend that you focus on pay per click advertising and other types of paid marketing campaigns in order to bring traffic to your website. While there’s nothing wrong with using paid traffic methods if you have the budget, you would be making a big mistake if you ignore the long-term potential of marketing with search engine optimization.

Why SEO Marketing Must Be Part Of Your Strategy

SEO MarketingThe first and most obvious benefit of seo marketing is that it will bring you free traffic for a long time to come. Now, technically this kind of marketing may not be free because you will have to put in some work and effort over a sustained period in order to achieve optimum search engine rankings. In addition, you may choose to hire a professional online marketing company in order to get more traffic from search engines, and this will initially cost you some money as well.

The long-term recurring traffic, however, is not going to cost you anything. Contrast that with Google pay per click advertising where you have to pay for every visitor to your website. Even if it’s only $.10 or $.25 per click, this can add up to a significant cost over time. You will have to continue to pay this amount for every visitor to your website that you receive from Google Adwords and other pay per click companies. If you are in a competitive niche, you could well end up having to pay much more than $.25 per visitor!

We’re not saying that you should focus exclusively on seo marketing for the lifetime of your business, but you may want to leave more expensive marketing campaigns for the future when you have a bigger budget. For now, better learn SEO marketing techniques.


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