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My name is Christopher Kelly and I’m the CEO of EDGE Multimedia. I began my journey in IT back in 1988 when networking of any description was very much in its infancy. I remember clearly the first time a message was sent around the office and the excitement we all felt at this marvel. I was in major account sales selling Compaq and Sun and it was a very dynamic environment with rapidly changing systems and software. I didn’t realise, then, that computing would create a social revolution that would change the world; although the seeds were already there in that first intranet message.

When I fast forward to today I now marvel at the explosion of social networks and the new sales paradigm that this sophisticated level of human interaction has created. Back then I used traditional methods to prospect and build relationships with customers and, to some degree, that basic building block of a successful business hasn’t changed. BUT the way we achieve that has changed dramatically!

I set up EDGE Multimedia as a a comprehensive one stop shop to offer an integrated marketing package that utilises all the exciting creative platforms we have available to us in 2012 whilst being thoroughly mindful to deliver a practical result. Every business has differing elements of service, reputation, market, and products that need to be understood before a meaningful cross platform campaign can be designed and effectively delivered. My initial thinking was the use of Social Media as a business tool, and that still remains as a central plank of the EDGE system. I have invested the last two years in full time study and research of Internet Marketing from many different angles and looked at numerous online methodologies. In order to be a master craftsman and deliver a true EDGE to business I have discovered that my role needs to be oriented to thoroughly understanding the concepts, and knowing where to find the best resources to deliver the bits and bytes that make it all work. The idea of an in-house team that can deliver everything we need in an expert manner is simply impossible to find and maintain. I have a small core of people who work for EDGE on a full time basis but a large percentage of the work we do for our clients is outsourced. We have rigorous checks and the experience to ensure a first class result in a realistic time frame.

The System

At EDGE we have a vast pool of resources and people on hand for every creative element that makes your plan unique. We can create any marketing mix we feel will deliver the best result for YOUR business.

This may include, Video, Print, Social Media, Web Design, Adwords, Pay per View, Organic Search engine Optimisation, Email Marketing, Customer nurture, Mobile Marketing, SMS ; the possibilities are endless. Rather than go into each element of each approach, media, and method it makes more sense to start with the end in mind and work backwards, so we thoroughly understand what needs to be done to achieve the end result. Make sense?

Initial Meeting

Here we sit down, or have a virtual online session, and a lot of questions will be asked and answered. If at the end of this session we both feel that there is a strong argument for EDGE to design and deliver a proposal then a first draft of the marketing campaign will be in your hands within a week. To this point no fees are involved and there is no obligation or commitment incurred by you or EDGE.

Campaign Sign Off

After refinements and costs are honed and agreed we both commit to an overall timeframe. EDGE will prepare a project plan establishing necessary actions from both sides with clear time lines and realistic goals. Contracts are signed.

Campaign Rollout

We would expect to commence operations on your behalf within a week of contract. The campaign would typically have a three month opening window with close monitoring of results and any necessary changes or input from either side implemented. All essential design, traffic methodologies and core setup will be completed in this opening phase. Given that results are to your satisfaction we would then move to phase two.

Campaign Phase Two

The on-going management of your Social Media Platforms, blogs, mobile presence and website, will form the main body of effort in this phase, although we may still be implementing some elements. By the end of month six we should have a well-oiled machine and much of the necessary input from your side will become automated, and incur very little time overhead.

On-Going Services:

At your request EDGE will monitor and manage your marketing on a long term basis. We would have periodic reviews and look at what we may need to do to maintain a vibrant market presence for your company.


I hope you like the approach we take to the new dynamic, creative environment that today’s marketers have to face. The game changes constantly, from Google to Facebook there are major shifts in algorithms and requirements for your success almost weekly (sometimes daily!). EDGE prides itself in keeping fully informed and ahead of the curve on your behalf.

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