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Why Put #Hashtag?

Hashtag use

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Video Marketing on YouTube

A Starter Guide to Video Marketing on YouTube

The rapid growth of YouTube has changed the way marketing is done on the web – made video marketing easy. As the largest video sharing site, it is the number one site for publishing videos on the web. Because of this, the shift from conventional online marketing methods to video marketing has many businesses looking at YouTube to market their products and services.

According to a comScore data, there were 12 billion views on YouTube for November alone, a 137% increase from last year. Emarketer surveys revealed that viewers watch videos on YouTube about 5-6 hours per day on average. This staggering growth has made YouTube a very powerful social media platform and a valuable marketing asset for marketers selling online.

Like many other forms of marketing, video marketing hast to be presented in a way that grabs people’s attention. It has to have the perfect mix of …

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Facebook Marketing - Why Be Bothered?

Facebook Marketing is A Viral Marketing Strategy

As the world’s most powerful social network with 800 million registered users and increasing daily and the second most visited site (second only to Google), Facebook is more than just a social networking where internet marketers can implement the what is called Facebook Marketing. It has become the heart of most social media marketing campaigns both for large and small companies. This social media machine is a powerful platform and tool where businesses can reach their target market, sell products and services, and make profit.

Facebook Marketing – What does make it so important for your business?

Let’s just say you’re selling skateboards, so naturally your customers would be skateboarding enthusiasts. You have two ways to reach them: You can physically go to the locations where these enthusiasts hang out and try to sell them your product, or you can find where these people hang out on Facebook and advertise your product to them. One would take lots of logistics; the other is …

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Web Branding – How Important?

Branding is essential to ensure you create the right perception for your clients as well as your prospects. Providing a strong message across all your online profiles, websites and blogs is crucial to effectively projecting an expert image. In a matter of seconds, you can lose a customer – simply from sporadic online branding by the opposition. How can you make sure you have consistent online branding online? It requires a sound strategy, along with strong resolve,to remain on track with all aspects of your online presence.

Listed here are some methods you may employ to maintain a consistent online brand. A brand which will keep clients coming in and coming back…over and over again:

Branding Using a Blog

It’s easy to produce a personal blog; however for a company blog you will need a more professional approach. In order to present a potent online impact, it’s crucial keep the blog design, copy and overall experience consistent with your other online profiles, all of which reach your …

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Facebook Dominance

facebook marketing

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Best Practices in Creating Your Facebook Business Page

Is Facebook Business Page Really Important?

The most successful Facebook business page employs certain practices that make them more engaging to their target markets, and therefore more effective in helping companies attain their objectives. While there exist no set rules that you must apply in order for your Facebook page to work for you, there are certain rules of thumb and best practices you can apply to enjoy the advantages of social network marketing.

Facebook Business Page Best Practices

1. Post every day. This may seem needlessly excessive, but as people gain more friends your posts may get pushed to the bottom. Some studies show posting between 3 to 5 times a day can be good amount for Pages. You can vary the frequency of your posts and observe resulting statistics to see what works best for your community.

2. Make engagement your priority. Don’t try to sell anything outright. Your primary objective will be to deepen your relationship with …

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Why You Need To Try Social Marketing

Learning Social Marketing

The marketing paradigm has shifted and the new way to optimize revenue and reach out to more customers, is through  social marketing.  The internet has been able to connect people from all over the world but because things move at lightning speed, it is no surprise that most companies are not even aware of the advantage of social media marketing. There are literally millions of people all over the world that can be reached through Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and if you are able to utilize all any, or three, of these amazing channels, you will   rapidly reach a much larger proportion of your target market.

Twitter – If you want a way to each out to a group of people within a matter of seconds, Twitter is the answer. Companies have been able to create contests and raffles on their Twitter sites  to connect with their customers. Competitions are a great way to reach out to potential new customers and encourage loyal fans. You will be able to …

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